By Tony

2011-06-07 20:23:32 8 Comments

Suppose I am developing my application in WPF, for windows 2008 R2, and the tablet will be running Android in a LAN with Wi-Fi, and I would like to try to use the existing .net technology via RDP on the Android Emulator.

How to install Remote Desktop Client on Android 2.1?


@jkhouw1 2011-06-07 20:32:37

Try PocketCloud on the Android Market. It's free for one PC connection.

@Tony 2011-06-07 22:09:27

Thank you for point this application. I will try a solution in the android market website.

@gbjbaanb 2011-06-07 23:19:35

Xtralogic has a RDP client for Android.

There's also Omnidesk's free app.

And there's Remote.

If necessary there are implementations of Teamviewer for Android, and no doubt there's VNC apps.

@Matthew Read 2011-06-07 23:17:31

Search the Market for Remote Desktop.

I use "Remote Desktop Enterprise".

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