By user121392

2015-08-09 12:04:09 8 Comments

I can't seem to ssh into my Android device. I have not rooted the device and I don't really want to. I tried connecting to it via the terminal using the following command:

ssh [email protected]:port-number

the error I received was:

name or service is not known

How can I resolve it?


@Izzy 2015-08-09 15:19:26

Summing up from the comments

  1. This answer states to use ssh <user>@<ip> -p <port> instead of the "colon syntax"
  2. In SSHDroid, go to "Options" and check/define the port (default: 2222) and password to be used
  3. According to the screenshots on the app's playstore page, if not using root mode you can use any user name to connect. Thus if you followed above steps, this should now work (of course with <android-ip> replaced by the real IP address of the Android device):

    ssh [email protected]<android-ip> -p 2222

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