By Mysterio

2016-01-25 00:05:45 8 Comments

I need help creating a Tasker profile that will open Aldiko Sync ONLY after I have ended the main Aldiko Premium app.

So with this profile, Aldiko Sync automatically launches and does its thing immediately after I close Aldiko Premium reader.


@Firelord 2016-01-25 00:30:06

You can setup an exit task. An exit task is assigned from the Profiles tab. Expand the entry of your profile, long-press the assigned task there and choose Add Exit Task.

(Click image to enlarge)



  • Profile: Application → your app (Aldiko Premium in this case)
  • Task: (Actions): do anything you want
  • Exit task: (Actions): App → your another app (Aldiko Sync in this case)

Note: It is not mandatory to have an enter task in order to assign an exit task to a profile.

If you don't want an enter task i.e. don't want a task to be run when the profile is triggered, you can choose to create a task (supposed to be used as an exit task) under Tasks tab, assign it as an enter task to a profile and make it an exit task using Move to Exit (see screenshot).

@Firelord 2016-01-25 00:30:43

Let me know if this doesn't work. I'll give you another but a dirty way.

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