By Richard de Ree

2016-06-02 05:02:06 8 Comments

I've seen a lot of post about the punctuation but that was all about the English version of voice-to-txt

The Dutch version works pretty good, but it seems to be imposible to do things like 'new line' 'point' or 'comma' Does anyone know how to use the punctuation in Dutch?


@Z Kubota 2018-02-14 06:52:51

It seems there is no support yet for punctuation marks in Dutch. Unless something has changed since this posting:

Spraakgestuurd typen met deze 10 tips en trucs

(Scroll down to "Tip 04: Leestekens")

I came across this while searching for Japanese punctuation in voice input. Try using Swype Keyboard app as a workaround.

@Firelord 2019-04-13 09:05:11

Editor Glorfindel corrected the link and wrapped the link around the title of the article. Reverting back the changes without giving a justifiable reason makes no sense here. I have locked this post to prevent edit wars. In future, please avoid rolling back unless the edit changes the intent of the post.

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