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I have a OnePlus 5 running stock Android 7.1.1. I'm planning to upgrade to 8.0 when it's available.

However I'm a huge Xposed fan and I use a lot of modules, so the availability of Xposed Framework is a great concern to me.


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Last Updated: March 30, 2018

You can follow the Xposed Framework to monitor) community on Google+ so you can keep up to date with the news.

Update 3

Xposed for Oreo 8.0/8.1 is available in beta.

Update 2

Official Xposed v89 for up to SDK 25 (Android 7.1) is available as of December 17, 2017. A new version of Xposed Installer is available as well. rovo89 says the Xposed for Oreo is almost complete:

95% of the code are ported, basic functionality is working on Genymotion. The remaining 5% are obviously those parts of the code which are more difficult to port. I literally just upgraded my primary device to Android 8.1, so I can hopefully start some real testing soon.

Update 1

Official Xposed v88.1 for SDK 24 and 25 (Android 7.x) is available as of October 10, 2017.

Original Answer:

An unofficial build of Xposed Framework is available from XDA. I have tested it with my OnePlus 5 and it worked almost perfectly, except for some small bugs (random reboot aroung 3:00 AM when I'm sleeping, requirement for /data decryption).

The XDA newsfeed article is here and the thread is above.

Important Notice
If you are using your stock ROM, make sure your /data partition is decrypted. If it's encrypted, you may have to format it. Be sure to back up your data carefully before proceeding. Also you should flash a "DM Verify and Forced Encryption Disabler" package.

@wbogacz 2017-12-28 13:00:17

Should this be a Community or FAQ posting?

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