By Amber Mishra

2019-01-07 15:29:57 8 Comments

Details: Samsung Galaxy On Max

Android: 7.0

Carrier Network: Airtel

Country: India

I am using my device normally and suddenly when i saw message icon, i dragged down notification panel and it looks very weird. Screen got freezed after dragging notification. Actual Image 1

I noticed two icons at the bottom one is of tunnelbear and second is unknown. I uninstalled tunnelbear immediately but problem still persists.

Reboot helps device to get normal but then i checked that message and it is that " You have used 90% data of daily limit."

I frequently use around 1GB a day but today i didn't use my device so checked for 'data usage' of today under settings but there is no option or info.

Data Usage

It is showing only for month usage.

Data Usage 2

What causes my device to react abnormally ?

How can i check for where data was consumed ?

How can i set notification if any app uses a chunk of background data ?

What is that '????' Next to tunnelbear ?

I know that's a lot of questions but this is very weird behaviour of the device.


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