By George Jones

2019-06-09 15:42:44 8 Comments

This is my first question on AE forum, so excuse me for my ignorance.

I'm searching for a method to get the complete path through the system apps like Music, Video, Settings, etc...

The goal is to prepare a checklist for manual testers to browse through the checklist and do sanity/functional tests

Currently, I'm using :

adb logcat | find "ActivityManager" 

Then I record the path manually to prepare the script for launching the activity, for example:

adb shell am start -n\$WifiSettingsActivity

The problem I can't go through all the forms of the system apps this way because it's time-consuming

Is there any tool, idea to help me automate the process of launching system apps activities one by one to create a full checklist ?



@Reddy Lutonadio 2019-06-09 18:22:07

Based on this question from StackOverflow, you can try the following:

adb shell dumpsys package | grep -i "com." | grep Activity

It will list all activities from packages whose names start with com.. You can apply the same command for packages that start with net. or org. or whatever by substituting com.

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