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2019-06-12 15:20:30 8 Comments

I was trying different shortcuts useng the default Launcher whilst switching back and forth, to greater easy access to some strings files. 'please keep in mind my phone has been set up properly for months now and works great' At the time I had also the Play store app call "Shortcut Creator" open in the background so I'm not sure what particular hidden shortcut I activated .. but now I can't get rid of it. I've cleared the Android package cache, ive even just let it run for some reasonable amount of time, many times to see what would happen and you guessed it.. it just stays there in the notifications.

tl;dr Basically I accessed something which I don't know what and I can't get rid of this notification or windows that follows I tap in it. pictures..

Sorry guys it won't let me upload pictures screenshots so here you go please take a look.

After I kick it, this happens, but phone is completely functional and restarts does everything except make money.

Device info


@user288716 2019-06-22 10:55:17

Not my fault for creating such a message thread but this is officially solved with the new security update.


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