By Ryan Fick

2019-10-26 17:18:45 8 Comments

I am in need of adding two specific routes to the "Forwarding routes" section of the stock VPN client. How can I accomplish that?

Lets say I need to add & I have tried adding them every way I can think of and I am unable to save as soon as I try to add the second route.
EG:,; &

None of these options worked.

I know that I can use but I don't want ALL of my traffic to go via the VPN as the VPN doesn't provide internet connectivity & is just used to gain access to specific equipment.

If this is not possible with the stock app, is there any other solution?


@Irfan Latif 2019-11-03 18:27:59

I think you are talking about PPTP / L2TP / IPSec VPN configuration in Settings:

I haven't used that, but according to this source a space between routes should work:

"In the Forwarding routes box, enter X.X.X.X/X - optionally, you can also enter Y.Y.Y.Y/Y Z.Z.Z.Z/Z (put a space between each entry)."

So this should work:

If it doesn't, I'm afraid rooting is the only way. Then you can modify routing policy (ip rule show) and kernel routing table (ip route show table all) as per your requirements.

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