By est

2012-09-12 03:48:01 8 Comments

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Suggestions for syncing data to someone besides Google? Funambol?

Does anyone know any effort on Android which can sync contacts, sms or even notes/todos to my own server? I saw similar function on Samsung GS3 "Add account" settings page but not sure how it works.

All advice are appreciated. Preferably open source projects. Thanks!


@altruizine 2012-09-12 07:01:26

The most complete solution for private contacts and calendar sync seems to be installing the CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync apps on your phone and setting up a CalDAV / CardDAV server. Several open-source solutions are available; check the list on Wikipedia. I've been a happy user of a DAViCal installation.

@est 2012-09-12 07:29:07

ok that's very cool. Thanks a lot. Do you know any similar standards for SMS and notes?

@altruizine 2012-09-12 09:45:30

No, I don't, unfortunately.

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