By Matt

2012-09-22 06:59:25 8 Comments

When I turn wifi on my 3g connection shuts down, which is fine in most cases however I need to connect to a LAN at work that is not connected to the internet and I'd prefer not to lose my data connection when I connect to the work intranet.

How can I keep both connections active?

Ideally I could limit this desired behavior to this one SSID, because I want it to continue to operate with the default behavior for all other wifi connections. If that can't be done is like a solution that is easy to toggle on and off.

I'm using a VZW Galaxy Nexus on CM9.


@Nick the Drone Guy 2016-10-26 20:22:47

That is very strange. There are some apps, like Livestream, that will allow you to connect over wifi to a GoPro or other action camera and stream it using the cell phone's 4g connection.

I have a galaxy Grand Prime and I can stream from a WiFi FPV camera. I did have to root the device, so if you do not want to root your phone...sorry!

I do know for a FACT that the Livestream app works for streaming wifi video over 4g on both the Galaxy S3 and Grand Prime. Hope this helps!

@Izzy 2012-09-22 15:31:00

Despite the wide-spread information of its impossibility, an app named Super Download claims to be capable of this, as you can read in the article Combine 3G 4G Mobile Data + Wifi together to Boost Download Speeds at Geeknizer.

Super Download

As expected, this comes from one of the XDA developers (elban) -- and, also expected, it requires your device to be rooted (not an issue for you, as you're running CM9;) ).

According to the article, you should keep some things in mind additionally:

  • Using both connections is not supported on all devices / rom combinations.
  • Some web servers may provide insufficient functionalities on the requested files.
  • The Lite version has a filesize limit of 50 megabytes. You’ll have to buy full version to go further. But if you download it from here (using barcode below), its free, with full features, courtesy of XDA).

EDIT: t0mm13b was so shocked that he dug deeper, so I can now add the link to the FAQ of Super Download...

@t0mm13b 2012-09-22 15:44:57

Am shocked to see this - how the hell does it multiplex tcpip through both wifi and [3|4]g .... looks interesting, would expect that requires a custom kernel with a particular wifi chipset no?

@Izzy 2012-09-22 16:05:15

@t0mm13b As I already wrote in my answer: Using both connections is not supported on all devices / rom combinations. That's all I know about it...

@Izzy 2012-09-23 00:10:53

I'm curious how well it works -- didn't try it myself, as I had no need yet. But just in case... Please, let us know then ;)

@Matt 2012-09-23 11:46:01

It didn't work. I ran the app and I had both the 3g and the wifi icons in my notification bar but I couldn't get on the internet. I checked my connection status in elixer and it showed that despite the icon my cellular data was disconnected. Thanks anyway.

@Izzy 2012-09-23 14:43:20

So you probably was affected by the not supported on all devices / rom combinations. Sorry to read that. But it was worth a try.

@Lie Ryan 2012-09-22 09:10:30

There is Notification Toggle, which can display buttons on the notification bar to quickly toggle Wifi and many other stuffs. Didn't CM have this built in though?

@Matt 2012-09-22 23:33:28

The toggles don't seem to override the either or restriction.

@Lie Ryan 2012-09-23 07:53:51

@Matt: you're correct, it's an answer to this part of the question If that can't be done is like a solution that is easy to toggle on and off. I don't think there's a practical implementation of SuperDownload-like dual network is available for arbitrary connections yet, and so thusly.

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