By Diskdrive

2013-04-23 02:42:27 8 Comments

In Tasker, there is a Media Control action which allows me to move to the next song however it only seems to work for the default Android player.

Is it there a way to hook Spotify up to do this?


@timmy t 2015-03-21 20:56:40

The link says how to get tasker to make spotify play:

Getting Spotify to play.

  • Click the “+” icon at the bottom.
  • Select the “System” category.
  • Select “Sent Intent”
  • Set these fields:
    • Action:
    • Cat: None
    • Package:
    • Target: Broadcast Reciever

From spotify's Manifest.xml I can see that there is also a action so I would guess that if you used that instead of then it would play the next track.

@mjsr 2015-08-23 14:04:26

This worked perfectly for me, how did you explore that manifest? I need to do the same for Audible :)

@Dave W. 2014-07-29 20:18:39

Don't ask me how, but this worked for me:

  1. Installed Spotify, iHeart and Poweramp. Disabled BT control for Poweramp.
  2. Disabled Google Play Music. Google Now still works normally.
  3. Using the Action Box extension, I stop all music by playing a 1 second MP3 of silence in Poweramp.
  4. Tasker's Play and Next actions work fine with Spotify or iHeart. I haven't figured how the phone decides which one to start. But I don't care :-) HTH

@user57887 2014-04-06 10:25:33

@ale 2014-04-06 17:32:38

An answer with no useful information except a link to somewhere else is not a good answer. It's hardly an answer at all.

@spotifyDork 2013-05-25 10:07:35

Yes it is possible, but using Tasker's built in Media Control Next will not work.

For the action you need to use Script --> Run Shell, and as the command enter "input keyevent 87" without quotes. This is the Android API:

@Diskdrive 2013-05-25 13:26:55

thanks, this works. although it only seems to work sometimes for me. I think it only works if Spotify is already booted up

@Dean MacGregor 2013-06-25 17:29:13

Couldn't you insert an action to open spotify before issuing the command to guarantee that spotify is open? I suppose if you're actively using some other app then this would be annoying but just an idea not an answer.

@euDennis 2014-05-28 18:20:51

I made it open the app, wait 10 seconds, run the shell command (I had to run as root to work). It's working fine for me.

@Trebor Rude 2013-04-23 04:25:40

Maybe... WaveControl says it can control Spotify and has Tasker integration. I'm not a Spotify user, though, and it's much too late to check it out right now.

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