By reubenjohn

2014-01-31 09:02:09 8 Comments

After switching to a new ROM I restored Google Now using Titanium backup but however I no longer have hotword detection enabled neither do I have the option to enable it (It is simply missing)!

It used to say Search, or say "OK Google" but now it only says Search

However, speech recognition in general works fine!

Other relevant information:

  • Using Samsung Galaxy SII
  • Using Vivek ROM but experienced same problem on CyanogenMod


@reubenjohn 2014-01-31 09:02:09

Solved it!

I realised that I had set Language to 'English(UK)' (under 'voice' settings of the Google Now app) and apparently hotword detection currently works only with English(US) (In my case, the offline voice recognition package I had installed was 'English(US)' , but language was English(UK) )!


So a simple switching of 'Language' to English(US) will do the trick!

It is a little funny, who would have guessed English(US) and English(UK) are considered completely different languages!

By the way:

I tried downloading and installing English(UK) as my offline voice recognition language and then switching the Language as well to English(UK) BUT it didn't work, hotword detection stopped working again. This means Hotword detection only works with English(US) irrespective of whether you have other offline voice recognition packages installed as well!

@Dan Hulme 2014-01-31 09:58:12

You don't need to put edits in an "edit" section. Your answer would be most useful if you just make the correction; as it stands, the answer tells people the wrong thing, and then says it's wrong.

@reubenjohn 2014-01-31 10:22:31

Will keep in mind...(fixed solution)

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