By Diamond Python

2014-11-24 14:49:28 8 Comments

How does one root a Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 (with its original Android 2.3 Gingerbread), preferably under Linux Mint?

This questions pertains specifically the GT-i9100 version (not GT-i9100G nor GT-i9100T, et cetera), which currently has no entry under the rooting index.

I am particularly looking for a rooting method which does not wipe the data on the phone, as I am hoping to recover data afterwards. I have an 8GB external SD card.


@warsong 2014-11-28 08:26:55

You need the file here and copy it to the external SD card (the one you connect to a slot in the phone) Steps:

  1. Save the file to external sd card

  2. Open stock recovery (press power + vol up + home button)

  3. Install zip from external sd card

  4. Choose the file "" from the SD card

Flash it and then reboot

@Diamond Python 2014-11-28 09:34:32

Will this preserve my data? I should have specified in the question that I am intending to root the phone as part of a data recovery process. I shall edit the question.

@warsong 2014-11-28 09:42:25

Yes it will preserve your data, flashing a rooted kernel will not touch your data in any way, though the usual disclaimer about kittens applies :)

@Diamond Python 2014-11-28 12:31:41

Am I correct in saying the linked attachment comes from this forum post? If so, it mentions "4.1.2 firmwares": is this still applicable as I have 2.3 Gingerbread? I'm just being overly cautious/paranoid as this is my first time rooting and I need to avoid data loss. Unfortunately I cannot boot the phone so thus cannot check Kernel or Build Number through the "About device" menu.

@warsong 2014-11-28 13:26:38

It should work fine. Recoveries don't change much in stock from version to version. The worst that will happen is that it will tell you its incompatible, but my (educated) guess is that it will work fine.

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