By VitalyB

2011-05-31 07:46:58 8 Comments

I'm trying to run a tasker task manually from ADB Shell, via SSHDroid. I'm running the following in putty (Windows SSH client):

am broadcast -a -es task_name Silent

On which I get:

Broadcasting: Intent { dat=Silent } Broadcast completed: result=0

However, despite the existence of task "Silent", nothing happens. Could it be because SSHDroid doesn't have the permission? If so, how can I fix that? If not, what else can be the cause?



@VitalyB 2012-01-26 12:21:06

This was solved thanks to Bossman's awesome proxy APK. Install it and then run via SSH:

am broadcast -a pl.bossman.taskerproxy.ACTION_TASK --es task_name TASKER_TASK_NAME_GOES_HERE

It works flawlessly :)

@Ryan Conrad 2012-01-25 15:40:35

The reason is because SHDroid does not have permission to execue Tasker actions.

You could contact the developer of SHDroid and ask him to add the permission to the application. I haven't found exact contact info for him, but I found his blog.

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