By isuruAb

2019-03-09 14:15:25 8 Comments

Recently I bought a second hand iPhone 8. When I'm trying to unlock the device It shows this error: The Apple ID "[email protected]" cannot be used to unlock this iPhone

  • Previous user deleted this device from "find my iPhone" service (But still it shows "Erase requested 1hour ago")

How can I register my device under my apple ID? Do they take more time to erase a device from the database ?


@isuruAb 2019-03-10 11:10:32

I asked previous owner to enter his Apple ID and Password. After that it gave me a pop up window to add my Apple ID. Now It works correctly.

@bmike 2019-03-09 14:44:22

Apple’s activation servers are generally instant. I’ve gone through the official process maybe 20 times in the past two years for work, and it has never not worked within 1 minutes let alone waiting 5.

Here is the official guide and link for the previous user to remove that lock:

Activation Lock is part of the iOS Activation status here:

So if you believe it’s failing, the instructions there are correct - contact Apple Support directly. The only thing I can add, is Apple doesn’t tell you the full email of the previous owner, so unless you have the passcode, you won’t really know which email is “[email protected]” above.

  • How exactly are you connected to the internet from the device to try and unlock / activate it?
  • Do you actually know the email some other way or were you putting something hypothetical in the question?

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