By gatorback

2019-03-10 03:21:55 8 Comments

WhatsApp Web ( works as epxected on Firefox running on Ubuntu Desktop and Safari for macOS. At one point in time, Whatsapp web functioned on the iPad Safari browser.

Attempting to summon it on an iPad doesn’t return the desktop website. Summons are invoked by long tapping the reload button in the address bar and tapping on Request Desktop Site.

What can be done to summon and return the WhatsApp QR code on Safari running on iPad? The goals is to use WhatsApp Web in Safari on iPad.


@Nimesh Neema 2019-03-10 07:17:22

It’s not possible to run WhatsApp Web on Safari running on iPad/iOS. This restriction is imposed by WhatsApp website backend.

Request to load desktop website is not honoured by the WhatsApp web app backend, as the Web interface to the app is meant to be accessed only on a desktop computer. This is a limitation imposed by WhatsApp and has nothing to do with iPad/iOS.

Users can request to load desktop version of any website when accessing it using Safari for iOS, but the same can be dishonoured by the website’s server at its own discretion.

@Bosque Bill 2019-03-12 19:44:30

From what I've read new version of WhatsApp Web now only runs on Edge and Chrome even on desktop. Thanks Microsoft.

@gatorback 2019-05-25 00:46:22

Maybe there is a way to indicate to the WhatsApp server a OS X Safari Browser instead of IOS?

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