By asgerhallas

2019-04-12 08:08:21 8 Comments

I use global temporary tables for easy integration testing of my SQL Server backed application.

But the function min_active_rowversion does not seem to include global temporary tables, like seen here:

using (var connection = new SqlConnection("data source=.;Integrated Security=True"))

    connection.Execute("create table ##mytable ( Id int, rv rowversion )");

    var a = ToUInt64(connection.Query<byte[]>("select min_active_rowversion()").Single()); // => 20001

    var x = ToUInt64(connection.Query<byte[]>("insert into ##mytable (Id) output Inserted.rv values (1)").Single()); // => 22647

    var b = ToUInt64(connection.Query<byte[]>("select min_active_rowversion()").Single()); // => 20001

I can't see this limitation documented anywhere. Can this be made to work? And if so, how?


@George.Palacios 2019-04-12 08:19:34

The explanation would appear to be that the global temporary table is in fact in TempDB, not the database your code is running against. This is because the MIN_ACTIVE_ROWVERSION() function is scoped to the database level.

The min_active_rowversion() function seems to work when you use the following code

USE [db]

CREATE table ##mytable ( Id int, rv rowversion )

USE [tempdb]

select min_active_rowversion()

insert into ##mytable (Id) values (1)

select min_active_rowversion()

insert into ##mytable (Id) values (1)

select min_active_rowversion()


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