By user16289

2016-05-16 23:12:21 8 Comments

As most here know, Microsoft and Canonical worked together to develop a Windows-included Linux-based, Ubuntu-oriented compatibility layer (WSL) and already gives the option to install it for all Windows users. One can now use BASH on his Win10 machine, via CMD or Powershell.

My question is, can it be used to run drush 8 (drush master) smoothly ? I ask since as most of you know, drush 8 / master doesn't run smooth on a Win-only environment.

Till now I ran drush 8 / master on an Ubuntu virtual machine but I wonder if it's possible to run it on Win10 using the new WSL release.

  • With my very basic OS knowledge, I can't strictly determine if having Bash and Ubuntu binaries in Windows is actually enough to run drush 8 / master smoothly on Win10, or, if something extra is needed and has not yet been released.

  • I don't know how to integrate the WSL with WAMP/Xampp as well as with the c:/drush folder (or even is these things are even possible), or maybe making some environment variable to anywhere would be enough.

By the way, there is now a new Facebook group for supporting new WSL users in general:


@user16289 2016-05-25 23:11:50

It is possible:

  1. Install WSL as described here, and here is another link that could be helpful. If this way didn't work for you, see this thread.

  2. cd ~ (or frankly almost any other directory) and execute drush status to make sure drush was installed OK.

  3. If Drush was installed OK, Navigate in WSL this way:

    cd /mnt/c

This will bring you to your C: local disk in Windows.

After you reached to your C: local disk, navigate to your server folder, and there, to your website.

In this stage, use drush regularly.

@greg_1_anderson 2016-05-17 02:46:03

We haven't tried this yet. Please give it a spin, and report your results in the issue queue.

Note also that if you want the dev branch of Drush 8, you should use the 8.x branch. The master branch is now Drush 9.

@user16289 2016-05-19 19:22:53

Greg, I would gladly do so, I've already installed WSL on my Win10 but it is unclear to me what should be done next; Its not like in my Oracle VB Ubuntu when I set up a server and start working... I mean, I don't know how to integrate the WSL bash-Ubuntu with WAMP/Xampp for example, and with the c:/drush folder... Didn't find any documentation that will even give a clue what is needed.

@user16289 2016-05-25 23:22:11

Greg, you are invited to read my answer below...

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