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I am building my project in Unity 2018.2.21f1 for Windows in architecture x86_64, with:

  • Copy PDB files | false
  • Create Visual Studio Solution | false
  • Develoment Build | false
  • Autoconnector Profile | false
  • Scrit Debuggin | false
  • Scritps Only Build | false

Mainly I built them and run because added several assets of the store and I wanted to see that there was no problem.

If at first glance everything worked fine. But I had the Task Manager open and I saw that the GPU had a lot of use 70% to 80% (I have a GTX 1080) and the game is 2D. My demo only has 22 sprites, without UI which I found very strange, so I opened the FireStorm (a Zotac GPU Manager) All the values of the graphics were extremely high (even started to sound a lot the fan) GPU core clock extreme high, GPU Temperature Very High, GPU Utilization Very High too.

But when I run the game inside the Unity editor, it's very normal values for a game with 22 sprites.

I continued making tests note that when the game is running the option of Graphic Quality in Fastest is selected by default, here the use of the GPU increases considerably 70% probe the rest and I have the following

  • Fastest 70% GPU use
  • Fast 70% GPU use
  • Simple 70%-75% GPU use
  • Good 6-20% GPU use
  • Beautiful 22-23% GPU use
  • Fantstic 22-23% GPU use

So the problem apparently is in the quality configuration. What concept can be the one that generates this problem? Everything is by default in Unity until now


I have 5 scenes, only in 1 there is the problem. The scene has sprites that use Shader Weaver. I removed them and did the tests again. What I notice is that in the new build, when I run in fantastic I have the problem of high GPU consumption and in "beautiful" it increases to 40

Also in imported Tower Defense 2D of GOODDAY that modifies the project configuration. And a couple of days ago import 2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System which also modifies the configuration.

In Quality Settings actualy have this

unity settings

I understand that vSyncCount limit the update rate

Because the levels with the worst performance have the "Dont sync" option set, meanwhile Good and Beatifull is in Every V Blank


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