By Dante

2019-03-13 22:43:07 8 Comments

I have hit a snag using pyqgis in QGIS 3. I want to convert a set of CSVs (20 total) into point shapefiles but I am struggling with just the single CSV case. My code is based on this blogpost ( I keep getting the same error but the "reason" section of the error message is always empty.

My code:

This is the full code, I have not imported any additional packages.

path = "C:/Users/.../Weather/CSVs/precip_1992.csv"
uri = path + "?encoding=%s&delimiter=%s&xField=%s&yField=%s&crs=%s" % ("UTF-8",",", "longitude", "latitude","epsg:4326")
vlayer = QgsVectorLayer(uri,'Points', 'delimitedtext')


The error message in the "messages" log:

    2019-03-13T15:23:27     CRITICAL    Layer is not valid : The layer 
    C:/Users/.../CSVs/precip_1992.csv?encoding=UTF-8&delimiter=,&xField=longitude&yField=latitude&crs=epsg:4326 is not a valid
 layer and can not be added to the map. Reason:

The error message in the "delimited" log:

    2019-03-13T15:27:59     WARNING    
File cannot be opened or delimiter parameters are not valid

Sample of my csv file:



@Joseph 2019-03-14 11:05:14

You need to prefix the path with file:///, this is due to QGIS using the file URL scheme when locating files.

So replace:

path = "C:/Users/.../Weather/CSVs/precip_1992.csv"


path = "file:///C:/Users/.../Weather/CSVs/precip_1992.csv"


Your layer should now be valid (tested with QGIS 3.4).

@Taras 2019-03-14 11:39:54

Dear @Joseph, do you know why file:/// requires three slashes?

@Joseph 2019-03-14 11:47:19

@Taras - The provider string is based on the file URL scheme so in order to access locally stored files, the path needs to be prefixed with the mentioned syntax.

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