By beets

2012-07-29 07:44:51 8 Comments

Is there a way to widen the display of output in either interactive or script-execution mode?

Specifically, I am using the describe() function on a pandas DataFrame. When the DataFrame is 5 columns (labels) wide, I get the descriptive statistics that I want. However, if the DataFrame has any more columns, the statistics are suppressed and something like this is returned:

>> Index: 8 entries, count to max  
>> Data columns:  
>> x1          8  non-null values  
>> x2          8  non-null values  
>> x3          8  non-null values  
>> x4          8  non-null values  
>> x5          8  non-null values  
>> x6          8  non-null values  
>> x7          8  non-null values  

The "8" value is given whether there are 6 or 7 columns. What does the "8" refer to?

I have already tried dragging the IDLE window larger, as well as increasing the "Configure IDLE" width options, to no avail.

My purpose in using pandas and describe() is to avoid using a second program like Stata to do basic data manipulation and investigation.

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