By Ryan Hayes

2013-01-29 02:28:49 8 Comments

This isn't Twilio specific, but the issue does cause the Twilio API call to fail..

I'm wanting to generate an XML file via Twilio's lab:

The above URL works great as a parameter in the API and obviously works if you use your browser to view the output.

I can also view the following in the browser, and it works fine, but this version of the URL fails as a parameter to the Twilio API><Say>Hi+there.</Say></Response>

For readability and debugging I would much prefer to have the second URL. Is there a library or other way in C# to convert the second, pretty URL to the first, replacing %3C with the '<' character and so on? I could then just do the replacement right before I send it off to the API since my app pushes around and stores the pretty version everywhere else. I can of course write one myself to do the conversion, but it seems like this would be a common problem. Thanks!


@Hanlet Escaño 2013-01-29 02:40:14

Is this perhaps what you are looking for?

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string encoded = "";
   string decoded = Uri.UnescapeDataString(encoded);

Output - Unescaped string:<Response><Say>Hi+there.</Say></Response>

And back to normal:

string encoded = Uri.EscapeDataString(decoded);

Output - escaped string:

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