By Dmitri Farkov

2013-12-29 04:11:01 8 Comments

Searching for the best approach to keep my config files separate, yet not introduce extra steps for new developers setting up their environments.

I am guessing a submodule would suffice to do the job, but then how would I switch configs seamlessly depending on the task at hand, aka pull in DEV config regularly, pull PROD branch of config repo during build?

Needs to be:

  • Easy and painless for new devs.
  • PROD config files should only be accessible to select users + build user.

Thank you in advance.


@VonC 2013-12-29 07:05:32

That is called content filter driver, and it allows you to declare, in a .gitattributes file (and only for your config files type) a smudge script which will automatically on checkout:

  • combine a config file template file (config.tpl)
  • with the right config file value (,, ...)
  • in order to produced a non-versioned config file (private file)

enter image description here

See "Customizing Git - Git Attributes":

echo '*.cfg.tpl config' >> .gitattributes
git config --global filter.config.smudge yourScript

With that approach, you don't need submodules, but you can generate as many config file you need depending on your environment, like for instance your branch:
A bit like in "Find Git branch name in post-update hook", your smudge script can find out in which branch it is currently executing with:

branch=$(git rev-parse --symbolic --abbrev-ref HEAD)

@Dmitri Farkov 2014-01-14 16:49:00

Thank you. Although I ended up going the route of storing configs separately and puppetizing my setup, this is still great info and I never knew about this feature before.

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