By Cesário Lange

2015-09-23 12:43:27 8 Comments

i have a "problem" with a tab component for tabView from Primefaces. I did a tabView with dynamic tabs based on a array.

But some tabs can't be rendered, based on a boolean attribute of the object from that array .

I tried rendered="true" or "false" but nothing happens (on tab). I use rendered="#{}" i tried use disabled feature and works fine, but is not my need.

Someone have an idea to how to solve this issue?

check my code:

<p:tabView id="tabs" value="#{myBean.list}" var="_item"  orientation="left" style="height:800px!important;" >

        <p:tab title="#{_item}" rendered="#{}" >


@Geinmachi 2015-09-23 17:19:37

Add disabled attribute to your <p:tab> and use this style for hiding tab:

    #tabs li.ui-state-disabled {
        display: none;

Value after # is your <p:tabView> clientId, so if it is in a naming container like <h:form id="myForm"> then just change your selector to #myForm\:tabs.

rendered="false" works but it doesn't render content of the tab, not the tab itself.

@Cesário Lange 2015-09-28 20:27:02

I did this and worked well... Use css to solve this was my last option. But thanks for the help

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