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I'm trying to use Postman to send a single Push Notification using Firebase Cloud Messaging service.

This is a working cURL command for the same purposal, on which I'm using as a reference.

curl -X POST --header "Authorization: key=<API_ACCESS_KEY>" --Header "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"to\":\"<YOUR_DEVICE_ID_TOKEN>\",\"notification\":{\"body\":\"Firebase\"} \"priority":\"10"}"

What I have done so far..

1 - Set the Headers appropriately

enter image description here

2- At Body , I'm using raw

    "to" : "<YOUR_DEVICE_ID_TOKEN>"

    "notification": {
    "body": "Firebase Cloud Message"


When executing, I'm getting back 401 - Unauthorized.

What's missing to correctly send the push notification?


@r15 2019-04-22 13:30:40

Open Postman, click on Enter request URL textbox, enter firebase url

Than change request type to POST. See below screenshot:

enter image description here

Now to click on Header and add two params Content-Type and Authorization.

Content-Type= application/json
Authorization=AIzaSyAEb3NhsfGw1ih5mn8cmrGUAXMp86waQ //FCM SERVER KEY

See below screenshot:

enter image description here

Now click on Body than select Row and add value as object like below

 "notification" : {
 "body" : "New announcement assigned",
 "content_available" : true,
 "priority" : "high",
 "subtitle":"Elementary School",
 "data" : {
 "priority" : "high",
 "content_available" : true,
 "bodyText" : "New Announcement assigned",
 "organization" :"Elementary school"

Now your Postman would look like this. Click Send button at top right.

enter image description here

Good luck!

@anson 2019-03-25 08:14:05



Authorization:Bearer ya29.c.ElrXBjdxUzOI................o7_Y2shX2Je4tEe0


      "message": {
        "token": "dlqj05MCnNI:APA91bGhCX6NhT.................QDpKhGheHyhhJ6T",
        "android": {
          "notification": {
            "title": "New Content!",
            "body": "A new video has been uploaded.",
            "icon": "your_icon"

@Pratik Butani AndroidDev 2019-02-18 07:18:39

Have you check this : Test FCM Notification with POSTMAN!

Send Data Message using HTTP protocol with POSTMAN

  • You have to copy Legecy Server Key from Firebase Console > Project Settings > Cloud Messaging

Note: Firebase has upgraded our server keys to a new version. You may continue to use your Legacy server key, but it is recommended that you upgrade to the newest version.

  • Select POST. Enter request URL as
  • Add Headers Authorization: key=<legacy_server_key> OR Authorization: key=<server_key> and Content-Type: application/json.

  • Now Select Body > raw > JSON (application/json) and add following code:

         "to" : "YOUR_FCM_TOKEN_WILL_BE_HERE",
         "collapse_key" : "type_a",
         "notification" : {
             "body" : "Body of Your Notification",
             "title": "Title of Your Notification"
         "data" : {
             "body" : "Body of Your Notification in Data",
             "title": "Title of Your Notification in Title",
             "key_1" : "Value for key_1",
             "key_2" : "Value for key_2"

I have created POSTMAN Collection for you, Run in Postman directly.

Hope it will helps you.

@Umer Ahmed 2018-09-02 18:47:36

Be sure to include the content-type : application/json header

it fails with a misleading error if you don't include the content-type header saying: Error=MissingRegistration

@Simon 2018-02-24 08:26:33

For the new FCM HTTP v1 API, the method of testing push notifications through Postman has changed and the existing solutions only addressed the legacy method of testing push notifications:

To test on Postman with FCM HTTP v1 API, you will need to first fetch a short-lived Oauth 2 token. You can generate one as per the information on the Firebase site here:

I generated mine using Python using the code below - remember to pip install the package so that you can import the package into your code successfully:

from oauth2client.service_account import ServiceAccountCredentials

def _get_access_token():
  """Retrieve a valid access token that can be used to authorize requests.

  :return: Access token.
  credentials = ServiceAccountCredentials.from_json_keyfile_name(
      'service-account.json', FCM_SCOPE)
  access_token_info = credentials.get_access_token()
  return access_token_info.access_token

Once you have the token - you can insert it into your Postman under authorisation:

enter image description here


In my case, I had struggled a bit to get this to work as I was trying to test a scheduled task that was going to send push notification every few minutes to FCM. I had printed the token to my logs and then taken that token to my Postman for testing, not realising that it already has been used in the scheduled calls to FCM.

In that case, because it has already been used, the token will no longer be valid and my Postman tests were all failing. In this case, you will need to generate fresh tokens for your Postman tests.

@choopage - Jek Bao 2018-05-08 07:07:10

Simon is right. The old way does not way any more.

@praveen dewangan 2017-04-04 17:03:37

Posting FCM through POSTMAN

Body - to is token id (should be generated through instance token) write body in raw binary application/json body tye

   "to": "cpa8cZPjq-w:APA91bF122f1Rnhu9v47bL

   "notification": {

    "body": "Hello",
    "title": "This is test message."

header: should have authorization :server key

Content type : application/json headerimage after posting here the success message: success message image

@Ravi 2017-06-01 15:07:22

worked like a charm!!!

@Asymptote 2017-07-24 13:54:41

how to get to token? is there an API?

@praveen dewangan 2017-07-24 16:58:58

Read firebase android developer documentation

@phpdroid 2017-08-23 08:09:35

am getting sucess=1 but am not getting a notification on mobile

@praveen dewangan 2017-09-09 04:52:16

Hi phpdroid you need to check complete body, message is passing to your mobile but it is not able to pick the body

@DevOma 2018-12-14 11:41:10

how to send to all users, who installed app, instead of send to topic?

@rohitpaniker 2016-11-02 12:03:58

Look at below screenshot how Authorization key is set

Authorization : **key=**abcdefghijklmnopr2qrst253uv124wxyz_9shg

enter image description here

@Machado 2016-08-08 20:02:00

The correct way to set up Authorization key at Header is


and not only


Silly mistake, but since this could be useful for someone for testing Firebase Messaging with Postman I'm leaving the question opened.

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