By danfer

2016-12-22 14:28:17 8 Comments

We are trying to implement integration between a web application and SharePoint Online using Microsoft Graph rest API.

Specifically, we need to upload a file to a specific SharePoint site's document library (drive), different than current user default drive. We get the access token through Azure AD with access to all files.

We can upload files into any drive using /v1.0/me/drive/... but not when we use another drive.

For example:

var response = client.PutAsync(graphResourceUrl +
    "/beta/sharepoint/sites/" + siteCollSiteId +
    "/lists/" + listId +
    "/drive/root/children/" + fileName + ":/content",
    new ByteArrayContent(fileBytes)).Result;

var response = client.PutAsync(graphResourceUrl +
    "/beta/drives/" + "/" + listId +
    "/items/" + siteCollSiteId + "/" + fileName + ":/content",
    new ByteArrayContent(fileBytes)).Result;

var response = client.PutAsync(graphResourceUrl +
    "/beta/drives/" + listId + "/" + fileName + ":/content",
    new ByteArrayContent(fileBytes)).Result;

Both /v1.0 and /beta (in the case of SharePoint containing path) we are getting an error response of Not Implemented.

What could we be doing wrong? Is it not yet working with Microsoft Graph (other than /me)?


@Brian Smith 2017-10-06 21:20:34

In order to get all the files of a drive using v1.0, you would first need to get an access token (which I see you are already passed that), then get the 'drive-id' and use the following URL(note: its not 'drive' it is 'drives'):{drive-id}/root/children

To get the drive id, I made the following GET request using postman, this will list all the drives on the site and you will be able to get the ID of that drive:{tenant}{path-to-site(ie: /sites/HR)}:/drives

To answer your question regarding Uploading files, you will make a PUT request to the following URL:{drive-id}/root:/{folder-name}/{file-name.txt}:/content

You will need to set two required headers:

  • Authorization
  • Content-Type

Next, you will pass the binary stream of the file into the body of the request.

Other helpful items

Get all files inside of a folder:{drive-id}/root:/{folder-name}:/children

Get content of users OneDrive:


@Neha Sharma 2018-12-27 05:19:52

How to upload any kind of file like png, jpeg, mp3 or mp4?

@Brian Smith 2018-12-27 20:24:06

SharePoint / OneDrive doesn't block those file types. Normally, the File Upload control you are using will have the ability to block / only allow certain file types.

@Bartosz J 2016-12-28 11:03:09

Remove : from :/content Generally it's better for me to get driveId of the sp library first, then just work on the v1.0 endpoint with /v1.0/drive/{driveId}/

@danfer 2017-01-03 15:20:47

Sorry but, when using suggestion of /v1.0/drive/{driveId}/ I'm getting 400 bad request response trying to upload file to a drive in a sharepoint site I have access to. Regards, Danfer.

@Bartosz J 2017-01-04 14:10:00

@danfer Pay attention to details (driveS not drive) final String endpoint = String.format("%s/drives/%s/items/%s/children/%s/content", Config.GRAPH_RESOURCE_URL, driveId, itemId, targetName);

@Brian Smith 2017-10-06 21:22:22

you would use /v1.0/drives/{driveid} don't forget the 's' in drives

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