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I'm beginner of react development with reduced. I'm wondering what are the Presentational Components and Container Components.

  • How to categorized components as Presentational or Container ?
  • What are the difference between these two ?
  • What are the benefit of categorizing components this way ?


@Sajeetharan 2018-09-02 11:43:55

Here is the summarized version of the differences inorder to understand easily, even though some of them are related to the above answer above,

Container Components

  • Are concerned with how things work
  • Responsible for providing data to presentational components via properties
  • Also responsible for handling state changes triggered inside a presentation component via callback properties. These state changes are often done via dispatching an action.

Example :

class TodoApp extends Component {
 componentDidMount() {
 render() {
 const { todos, actions } = this.props;
 return (
 <Header addTodo={actions.addTodo} />
 <MainSection todos={todos} actions={actions} />
function mapState(state) {
 return {
 todos: state.todos
function mapDispatch(dispatch) {
 return {
 actions: bindActionCreators(TodoActions, dispatch)
export default connect(mapState, mapDispatch)(TodoApp);

Presentation Components

  • Are concerned with how things look
  • Use props for displaying everything
  • Do not manage state at all
  • Don’t emit actions, but may take callbacks that do via props


 title=“No state, just props.”
 barLabels={["MD", "VA", "DE", "DC"]}
 barValues={[13.626332, 47.989636, 9.596008, 28.788024]}

@Niroshan Ranapathi 2017-01-13 13:50:07

You’ll find your components much easier to reuse and reason about if you divide them into two categories. I call them Container and Presentational components.

I assume you have knowledge about redux architecture

Container Components

  • Aware of redux
  • Subscribe redux state
  • Dispatch to redux actions
  • Generated by react-redux
  • Focus on how things work

Presentational Componets

  • Unaware of redux
  • Read data from props
  • Invoke callbacks on props
  • Written by developer
  • Focus on how thing look

Benefits of categorizing components

  • Reusability
  • Separation of concerns

For more details read this article

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