By Alan

2017-10-29 10:24:24 8 Comments

I need to pass a host proxy URL to connect to other URLs mentioned as proxy pass in nginx.

Example: If I have to connect to through a Linux server box, I have to set proxy as and only then I can connect to

So how can I achieve it in nginx config?

My Nginx config file sample goes like this:

       listen     80;
       server_name   *;
      return 301     https://$host$request_uri;
    location / {
      sendfile            on;
      try_files           $uri $uri/ /index.html
    location /xyz{

Here, I need to pass my proxy in the Nginx config itself and only then I can connect to

So basically, every request from my server box should pass via to the proxy_pass location mentioned in nginx config.

I tried mapping the http host and served host and passing it in the location but it is not working:

map $http_host $served_host {
        default $http_host;;

location /xyz{
         proxy_set_header Host $served_host;


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