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2018-04-16 13:02:33 8 Comments

Create three classes to be linked by inheritance. Base class Product that has three data elements - name, price, and weight of the Product. Then make derived Product class called Purchase containing data on the quantity of goods purchased and the weight of the goods.

EDIT: What I don't know is how/where to add the purchased goods.

This is what i got for now.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

class Product {
    string name;
    double price;
    double weight;

    Product(string, double, double);
    string getName() {return name;}
    double getPrice() {return price;}
    double getWeight() {return weight;}
class Purchase : public Product {
    Purchase(string n, double p, double w);



class Verification : public Purchase {



 int main(){


Product::Product(string n, double p, double w)
    name = n;
    price = p;
    weight = w;


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