By Lithicas

2018-05-16 15:03:34 8 Comments

I’ve ran in to some problems with the following SQL assignment. I’m to retrieve the ID, firstname and lastname of any member who is registered in section that contains the word ‘xyz’.

So far I’ve managed the following:

SELECT, p.firstname, p.lastname FROM member m
INNER JOIN person p ON =
WHERE IN (SELECT id FROM membersection);

How do I go forward from here? I have no idea how to retrieve the sectionid from the membersection table then fetch the section name from the section id using that ID so I can check if the section name contains the previously stated word.


id member_number registration_date


memberid sectionid


id firstname lastname


id name


@Jiggles32 2018-05-16 15:13:56

It's not super obvious what's going on with your Data Relationships, but this would be the basic route you might want to take (LEFT JOIN as I do not know the relationship):

SELECT, p.firstname, p.lastname, ms.sectionid
FROM member m
INNER JOIN person p ON = 
LEFT JOIN section s ON =
LEFT JOIN membersection ms ON = ms.memberid
WHERE = 'xyz'

@Jeff Breadner 2018-05-16 15:13:53

There is some ambiguity in your question with regards to how your data are structured; what are the primary and foreign keys?

But, making some assumptions, you're almost there, you can chain multiple join statements together:

  member m
  inner join person p on =
  inner join membersection ms on = ms.memberid
  inner join section s on
    ms.sectionid =
where like '%xyz%'

@sticky bit 2018-05-16 15:12:51

Just keep joining. And in the end use LIKE to check if contains 'xyz'.

       FROM member m
            INNER JOIN person p
                       ON =
            INNER JOIN membersection ms
                       ON ms.memberid =
            INNER JOIN section s
                       ON = ms.sectionid
       WHERE LIKE '%xyz%';

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