By scare-me

2018-09-14 09:47:35 8 Comments

I need to upload a photo (png) located locally on my assets folder to Firebase (DaaS). Now as stated in the docs i need to make a new Filetype for it.
enter image description here

But how would I set such a filetype for my local img? The path of the image is this:


Does anyone have a suggestion?


I managed to create a reference to the file with this:

const defaultPhoto: HTMLImageElement = new Image();
defaultPhoto.src = '../../../../assets/no_photo_avatar.png';

But now I need to convert it it to a new File() or new Blob() type.


@scare-me 2018-09-14 16:10:41

To convert the image type to a filetype I did this - full solution:

  upload(): Promise<void> {
     const defaultPhoto: HTMLImageElement = new Image();
     defaultPhoto.src = '../../../../assets/no_photo_avatar.png';
     return srcToFIle(defaultPhoto.src,, 'image/png').then() => ...) <= firebase methods

  private srcToFile(src, fileName, mimeType): Promise<File> {
     return (fetch(src)
    .then(res => res.arrayBuffer())
    .then(buf => new File([buf], fileName, {type: mimeType})));


btw. the typings are typescript syntax.

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