By Jose Manuel

2018-11-08 23:04:29 8 Comments

I have a function in Python that include self as the first argument. However, when I execute the function I got the following error:

NameError: name 'self' is not defined

The function is defined as per below. And I cannot understand what I should include in the function instead of self to make it work. I call the function as:

order_create_new(self, 'eth', 'buy', 50, 10)
def order_create_new(self, symbol, side, price, qty):
    now = int(time.time() * 1000)
    query_params = {
        'timestamp': now,
        'recvWindow': 5000,
        'order_symbol': symbol,
        'order_side': side,
        'order_price': str(price),
        'order_size': str(qty),
        'type': 'limit'
    url = self.exchange_endpoint + self.order_add_api
    res = self._transmit_encrypted_request(HttpMethod.POST, url, query_params)
    order = Order(res.json())
    order.http_response_code = res.status_code
    return order

In addition, there are also a few classes included at the beginning of the script containing the init function.

class ExchangeCoss():
exchange_endpoint = ""
order_add_api = "/order/add"

public_api_key = "x"
private_api_key_string = "x"
private_api_key = bytearray(private_api_key_string.encode())

def __init__(self):
    super(ExchangeCoss, self).__init__()
    self.symbol_list = {}
    self.trading_pairs = {}
    self.min_order_sizes = {}
    self.account_info = None

However, I cannot make it work...Any help is highly appreciated


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