By reza.mohseni

2019-03-14 20:05:02 8 Comments

I save images in my database in VARBINARY(max) with this procedure

ALTER proc [dbo].[User_Create]
(@BirthCertificateImage varbinary(max),
@BookletImage varbinary(max),
@GreenCardImage varbinary(max))
insert into [User]

And I'm extracting a field with this procedure

ALTER proc [dbo].[User_GetById]
(@UserId int)
select * from [User]
Id = @UserId

and I use User_GetById procedure in Entity framework with this code

var user = await db.Database.SqlQuery<UserModel>("User_GetById @UserId"
, new SqlParameter("UserId",id)).SingleOrDefaultAsync();

and it's my code for showing the binary image in PictureBox

var birthCertificateMs = new 
birthCertificatePictureBox.Image = Image.FromStream(birthCertificateMs);

also, my property's type for Maintenance the image is byte[]

So how can I manage it if it was null I won't get in trouble?

consider it works correctly when it is not null


@Steve Py 2019-03-15 03:02:05

I would recommend explicitly checking for null/empty before attempting to use the data.

if(response.Entity.BirthCertificateImage != null && response.Entity.BirthCertificateImage.Length > 0)
    using(var birthCertificateMs = new MemoryStream(response.Entity.BirthCertificateImage))
        birthCertificatePictureBox.Image = Image.FromStream(birthCertificateMs);

and I would opt to wrap all of that in a Try/Catch block to handle where the byte data doesn't contain an image. (It happens, especially as systems mature, someone supports chucking a PDF or such in there.)

One other bit of advice: for large binary data such as images, I would recommend updating the schema to move these off into a separate table linked in a 1-0..1 relationship with User. (So a new table called UserImage with a PK of UserId, then User can be configured with a HasOptional on UserImage) The reason for this is that this data is likely not going to be accessed that frequently, where you might Join/Select on "User" fairly often. If you use User as a reference and code eager/lazy-loads a User with those larger blobs, it will have a performance impact. If the user image data is in a separate related table, you can reference User without a performance cost of that expensive data until it is explicitly needed.

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