By Kate Orlova

2019-06-12 16:32:09 8 Comments

I am configuring a new language version on the existing Kentico 12 website. I can easily create a new culture version of a page by copying content from the already existing language, but a problem is that this feature is available at a page level only what in my case, having hundreds of pages, will results to many hours of manual efforts. Ideally, I would like to select multiple pages and create the new culture version for all of them at once.

Could you please advise me on how I can optimise this task?


@Dmitry Bastron 2019-06-12 16:57:12

You would be able to do it in 2 steps with the help of Translations application.

First, multiple (or all) pages can be submitted for translation via Listing view


Next, select here source and destination languages to copy pages and click "Translate":


Then you will see pages with "Ready for translation" status

ready for translation pages

Next, go to the "Translations" application and edit the submission:

translation submission

And finally, click "Export all to ZIP", this will download a ZIP file. Then click "Import all from ZIP" and use the just downloaded ZIP file. Then click "Process translations" and that's it!

process translations

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