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2019-10-08 10:40:12 8 Comments

Why does the following code produce different output in ksh and bash

echo ${p%%+([^/])}
echo ${p#${p%%+([^/])}}

ksh outputs:


bash outputs:


I'm especially confused because I used the bash documentation to create this parameter expansion.

I want to extract the folder name after the last slash. I found another way which is working in ksh and bash:

echo ${p##*/}

but I would like to understand why the first approach is not working.


@oguz ismail 2019-10-08 10:59:44

+(...) is extended glob syntax, you need to enable extglob feature for bash to understand it. And as stated in the other answer, normally a circumflex shouldn't be used for negating a character class. Bash tolerates this mistake, but anyways let's use the correct syntax for the sake of portability:

shopt -s extglob
echo "${p%%+([!/])}"
echo "${p#${p%%+([!/])}}"



Related link: Bash Reference Manual § Pattern Matching.

And btw, you don't really need extended globs for this.

echo "${p%${p##*/}}"
echo "${p##*/}"

Above script works just as well on any POSIX-compliant shell.

@mirabilos 2019-10-09 13:57:09

Another, more standards-compliant, Korn shell actually outputs


followed by an empty line. This is because shell globs are not regular expressions, and the character class negotiation operator is a false friend.

In POSIX shell, [^/] is actually unspecified but normally (["^"/] is more clear) means “either ^ or /” but you will want “anything that’s not /” which, in POSIX shell globs, is [!/] instead.

See the other answer for an explanation on how GNU bash needs shopt -s extglob to support Korn shell-compatible extended globbing patterns in addition.

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