By Enrico Brambilla

2019-11-08 14:03:33 8 Comments

I have to convert this function from Java 8 to Java 7

List<LinkBackofficeServiziBean> linkBackofficeServiziBeans =
                    .map((Integer servizio) -> new LinkBackofficeServiziBean(servizio,userId))


@Elliott Frisch 2019-11-08 14:07:41

Java 7 does not have lambdas, easiest way I can see to port this to Java 7 is to instantiate the List then use a for-each loop to populate it. Something like,

List<LinkBackofficeServiziBean> linkBackofficeServiziBeans = new ArrayList<>();
for (Integer servizio : servizi) {
    linkBackofficeServiziBeans.add(new LinkBackofficeServiziBean(servizio,userId));

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