By Vishnu Subind

2020-02-14 08:47:31 8 Comments

So I have two arrays. One of them is 1D (AllAssigneesUnique) and the other is 2D (DB_Array). I want to compare (AllAssigneesUnique) with the first column of (DB_Array) and when there is an exact match, store the string from the first and second column of (DB_Array) to a third 3D Array called (NewAssigneesArray). Additionally, the third column of (NewAssigneesArray) should have the string "New". Below is my code so far. P.S. How can I re-dimension the new array automatically since the number of matching strings will not always be the same? At the moment, I am using a previously made dictionary to get the exact number of matching strings.

Dim NewAssigneesArray() As Variant
ReDim NewAssigneesArray(1 To NewAssigneesList.count, 1 To 3)

For a = LBound(AllAssigneesUnique) To UBound(AllAssigneesUnique)
    For b = LBound(DB_Array, 1) To UBound(DB_Array, 1)
        If AllAssigneesUnique(a) = DB_Array(b, 1) Then
            For i = LBound(NewAssigneesArray) To UBound(NewAssigneesArray)
                NewAssigneesArray(i, 1) = DB_Array(b, 1)
                NewAssigneesArray(i, 2) = DB_Array(b, 2)
                NewAssigneesArray(i, 3) = "New"
            Next i
        End If
    Next b
Next a

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