By Pureferret

2011-12-05 11:11:08 8 Comments

My program is running though 3D array, labelling 'clusters' that it finds and then doing some checks to see if any neighbouring clusters have a label higher than the current cluster. There's a second array that holds the 'proper' cluster label. If it finds that the nth adjoining cluster is labelled correctly, that element is assigned to 0, otherwise is assigns it to the correct label (for instance if the nth site has label 2, and a neighbour is labeled 3, the 3rd element of the labelArray is set to 2). I've got a good reason to do this, honest!

All I want is to be able to assign the nth element of the labelArray on the fly. I've looked at allocatable arrays and declaring things as labelArray(*) but I don't really understand these, despite searching the web, and StackOverflow.

So any help on doing this would be awesome.

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