By ThibaultG4U

2019-02-08 10:38:18 8 Comments

When loading my website in Google Chrome, I sometimes have the issue that the website just keeps loading. I think it has something to do with a request to Google Ads, but I'm not sture.

I thought I could just find the slow script in the 'Network' tab of the Chrome Dev Tools, but the script doesn't appear there (possibly because it never finishes loading?). How can I check which request is causing the eternal load?

Google dev tools


@idk 2019-02-09 05:42:57

Use the below links to find out which scripts/resources are taking longer time to load:

Notes: These are performance tests for your webpage.

Under Google Page Speed Insights, if you take the request URL and run it, you would be able to identify which resources are taking longer time to load. Attached Screenshot is a reference to identify: (This uses lighthouse to do the testing, you can also request an API key to perform the same task on the total website)

Google Page Speed Insight - Performance test Loading issues

This provides insights on what resources are making your webpage take time to load. Attached Screenshot gives an example of my website:

Performance test- GTMetrix

** If you could share your URL or run the above tests, you can easily know which resources are taking time to load, do the fixes accordingly to solve your problem.

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