By dim23

2019-03-11 17:06:27 8 Comments

I have recently installed a SSL certificate on my hosting server and I switched WordPress to SSL. The website is running normally, with no mixed content errors and everything is loading as it should. I have run search and replace for all links to replace with https.

The problem is the admin panel. For example when I go to themes and try to add a new one, I get no output and I have some errors in the console (see attached picture). Also when I try to edit a page built with Elementor, over SSL, it does not load. Also when over SSL, customize panel on the page does not load.

Everything is normal if I switch over to plain HTTP. My php version is 5.6

Admin area over SSL

Update on the issue

The error is not shown anymore and I am not getting any error output on the console, nor I'm getting any errors logged, with WP_DEBUGGING enabled. The problems still persist.

In summary the errors are:

  • Add new theme page does not fully load, so does add new plugins
  • Edit using elementor does not work (elementor is not loading)
  • Customization menu does not load on the page

All the above errors are present when the website is over SSL. Any redirections, URL fixes have been taken care of.


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